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Briefs based on U.S. American Community Survey (ACS), 2005-2007

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Briefs based on U.S. Census 2000

U.S. and States: National Origins, Language, and Early Education

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U.S. and States: Economic Need Beyond The Official Poverty Measure

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1990 Monographs

Hernandez, Donald J. and Katherine Darke, "Socioeconomic and Demographic Risk Factors and Resources among Children in Immigrant and Native-Born Families: 1910, 1960, and 1990". Pp. 19-125 in Donald J. Hernandez (ed.), Children of Immigrants: Health, Adjustment, and Public Assistance, Washington, DC: National Academy Press (1999)
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1940-1988 Monographs

Histrical trends by race-ethnic group see America's Children. Resources from Family, Government, and the Economy
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Briefs based on U.S.
ACS, 2005- 2007
Briefs based on U.S.
Census 2000
1990 Monographs
1940-1988 Monographs




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