Data Sources, Photographs, and Maps

   In the "useful links" section of our web site, the Mumford Center provides links to a number of sources of data, maps, and photographs that may be of interest to urbanists. We are now experimenting with ways to provide similar materials drawn from our own research activities. Select from the following choices: 

1. Maps

  A set of ward maps from Manhattan in 1900, developed and published by the New York City Tenement Commission. These maps display the population and area of every city block in Manhattan; they are color-coded to show which are the predominant racial and ethnic groups on each block. 

To see detail map for each ward, Click an ward on the map


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2. Survey data 


  The China Housing Survey was conducted in 1993 in Shanghai and Tianjin in a project directed by John Logan (Director of the Lewis Mumford Center) and Yanjie Bian (University of Minnesota). These data have been used to study income inequality, occupational mobility, housing allocation, and family relationships in urban China. The materials that can be downloaded from here include an English-language translation of the questionnaire, a codebook, and the SPSS data files. 

Click here to download from ICPSR 
Click here to download SPSS data files 
Click here to view codebook