U.S. Population and Demography

Located at Queens College, CUNY, The Social Explorer website provides easy access to demographic information about the United States, from 1790 to present. It contains both a free and a subscription edition. Social Explorer was designed by Professor Andrew Beveridge.

Operated by the Bronx Data Center, this site emphasizes the social problems and achievements in the Bronx, New York -- the 24th largest county of the U.S.  Population maps and statistical data date from 1915-1990 and provides information on poverty rates, ethnic distribution, racial polarization, and median household income of poor and middle class ethnic enclaves.

The Integrated Public Use Microdata Series was created at the University of Minnesota in October 1997. Directed by Steven Ruggles at the Minnesota Population Center, IPUMS has expanded from being just U.S. Census Data to include ACS and CPS data. There is also an IPUMS international that covers 130 censuses from around the world.

Population Studies Center Data Archive (PSC) at the University of Michigan is one of the oldest population centers in the United States, with a distinguished record in both domestic and international population research.  Established in 1961, the Center has a rich history as the main workplace for an interdisciplinary community of scholars in the field of population studies.  PSC is one of four centers within the Institute for Social Research.

The U.S. Demography Homepage is part of an initiative to identify, document, and provide simple access to demographic information concerning the U.S.  This site consists of a series of cascading hypertext links that provide access to national data resources, on-line supporting documentation (codebooks, data dictionaries, citations), and extraction tools for data access.  Connection to an anonymous ftp service for data file retrieval is also available.  Indexed source documents allow for full or partial text searches.  In addition, this page provides links to numerous web and gophers sites.

The USGenWeb Census Project began in February 1997 with the mission of transcribing all U.S. Federal Censuses.As part of the USGenWeb Project Archives, the Census Project’s goal is to provide free online research data.  All transcriptions are uploaded to the USGenWeb Census Project Archives and the USGenWeb Archives. If searching for already transcribed Census information, the On-Line Inventory of Transcribed Census Links lists completed files by Census Project volunteers.  An inventory of Transcribed Census Links is updated weekly.