Urban Photographs

The Library of Congress is a valuable source of prints on a wide variety of subjects, including urban ones. The site also contains instructions about using the prints and respecting the copyright holders.

On the American Memory website are collections of photos on different topics, including immigration, ecology, women’s history, etc. The site also contains many links to maps, both current and historical.

This official website of the Chicago Public Library (CPL) includes vast visual and photographic resources pertaining to the topic of architecture.  Among the resources included at this site are links to the Architecture Slide Library from UC Berkeley, the Art Library’s Society of North America’s guide to World Wide Web architecture resources, Great Buildings Online, and the Visual and Performing Arts Division of the Harold Washington Library Center, which maintains a large collection on the subject of architecture.  Various links to sites specifically related to Chicago-based architecture are available, as are links to architectural journals and electronic magazines.

The Cities and Buildings Database at the University of Washington  includes images and background information on buildings and structures from around the world.