Cybersegregation: Is Neil a More Desirable Tenant than Tyrone or Jorge?


We are currently engaged in additional research that extends our completed research in two ways:

  • We are examining the extent to which characteristics of the neighborhoods in which the electronically advertised units are located affect the treatment of home seekers on the basis of the race and ethnicity of their names. More specifically, we are evaluating the impacts of the neighborhood racial and ethnic composition, poverty status, and changes in these characteristics as well as the distance from these locations to predominantly minority neighborhoods.
  • In addition, we are focusing more closely on the text of the e-mails sent by housing providers to the testers. We are documenting whether and the extent to which qualitative differences exist in housing provider responses to those with white-, black-, and Hispanic-sounding names. Given the high response rates we witnessed in our analyses of these data to date, such a qualitative analysis will help us understand if there are any more subtle differences in the way housing providers respond to home seekers on the basis of their racially/ethnically identifiable names.