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Download Data for the Child Population

From this page you can download the data for the under-18 population that were used to prepare these web pages. You can download the full dataset, or you can choose a subset of that file.

There are two things to keep in mind when using this data:

  • There are two types of missing values in this file. A value of -998 indicates that the data has not yet been released from the Census Bureau. A value of -999 indicates that the variable is not applicable to the specific metropolitan area. For example, if there are no Hispanics in an area, segregation indices for Hispanics would not be calculated.

  • The files contain a single row of column headers followed by rows of data for each metropolitan area. The column headers are not very descriptive, so click here for a list of variable descriptions.

Option 1 - Download the full file
The full file contains information for all metropolitan areas for both 1990 and 2000, including racial and ethnic population totals, dissimilarity indices, and exposure indices. It contains values for the total metropolitan area, as well as its central city and suburban portions separately.

To download the complete data set click here.

Option 2 - Download a subset of the full file
You may now download subsets of the full data file using the form below. You may select the specific year, geographic area, and indices that you want. Racial composition data are included in every file.

Select the year(s):  1990
 1990 and 2000
Select the geographic area:  Entire metro area
 Central cities only
 Suburbs only
Select the indices:
(Racial composition is always provided.)
 Dissimilarity indices
 Exposure and isolation indices