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2000+ is a product of the Center for Social and Demographic Analysis and the Lewis Mumford Center for Comparative Urban and Regional Research at the University at Albany, created under the direction of Richard Alba and developed and supported by the GIS unit of CSDA and the Mumford Center.

The 2000+ Mapping Project is a national county-level map-based information system developed with ArcIMS to display post-Census 2000 information, including the annual American Community Surveys and Census Bureau estimates.  2000+ supports comparisons across counties, and change since 2000, for a wide range of data, including immigration, race, economic, housing, education, veteran status, age and disability, poverty, and household composition.  In addition, you can download and save the map data into a spreadsheet compatible file.

Before you begin, please make sure you are using Explorer or a version of Netscape higher than 4.7 as your browser.

You can access the county level maps and start our interactive mapping applications by clicking "click here" button at the bottom of this page.  Once you click, a new window appears with a list of data sources, ACS 2000 - ACS 2004, Census 2000, or Population Estimates, along the top of the page.  Choose a data source, then in the upper left hand corner you are asked to "Choose a Category," then "Choose a variable" to map.

After choosing a category and variable, use the Zoom in tool ( Zoom In ) found on the tool bar above the map and click on the map in the area of desired counties.  For information on additional functions and for more information about using our 2000+ Mapping Project, click on our HELP menu button in the upper right corner of the Map Window. This HELP page includes examples of how to use 2000+.  You can also click on the Abbreviations button for a key to the abbreviations used throughout the Map Application.

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